Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ethiopian Food

My foray into Ethiopian cooking has been met with mixed success. The first thing I tried was entitled "Ethiopian Sloppy Joes". It was so spicy that no-one would eat it. Even Eric and Amy, who love spice, could not tolerate it. Unfortunately this did not set a good precedence for trying anything else Ethiopian. Everytime I get the orange cookbook down (from which the Sloppy Joes came) all the kids cry "you're not making Ethiopian food again are you?" I did manage to find a cabbage side dish that everyone seems to like and I have also tried a few chicken dishes which have turned out okay. So when Eric and I told the kids we were going to an Ethiopian restaurant last evening we were pretty much met with groans. But we persisted and headed out. At first I wondered if all the kids were going to leave hungry, but after getting used to the idea of the different food all of them did quite well and we did manage to find food that they all liked - except for Grace.

This is pretty much how Grace spent the meal - rubbing the food off her tongue and saying "hot". She left somewhat hungry!

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