Monday, March 21, 2011

Hiking Trip

Last Saturday we went hiking with some friends from church to a beautiful place just north of Chattanooga. I posted more pictures on Facebook, but wanted to include some here also. Eric's back was bothering him, so he volunteered to stay home with the little kids. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful place! God's creation is amazing!

Train Museum

Here are some pictures of our visit to the Southeastern Train Museum with our home school group. We were able to walk through The Superb which is the only train car to carry both a living and a dead president. Warren G. Harding used the train to travel out west where he died. His body was then brought back on the same train car. It was a pretty fascinating place.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Lots has been going on here, but not much time to write about it. Here are some highlights of the past several weeks:

We had not one, but TWO septic tank disasters. The first one coincided with an overnight house guest! I suppose if I was more witty I could come up with a post regarding those two incidents, but at the time having sewage all over my basement floor did not put me in the best of moods.

We had one ER visit - that would be Scott.

We were presented to the church as new members and then had the church over for lunch. Back last spring, after much prayer, we decided to join a church that was more in our community than the one we had been attending. This new church probably needs a post of its own as they have been wonderful to us, but being part of this post will have to suffice. We visited maybe two or three times, then went on vacation and then came back and immediately Anna went in for her back surgery. The church hardly knew us, but surrounded us with love, food and support. I would get to the hospital and have one of the nurses tell me that someone from our church had just been there and I could not have identified that person walking down the hall. They brought us food each week and that is quite a feat for our size family. It was quite an outpouring of support. So we were thrilled to finally join and be presented.

Matthew had a birthday - turned 7 - and I missed putting up a birthday post. Of course I also missed getting him to his first ever soccer game as I got the times confused so my mother of the year award will have to wait for another time. So a late happy birthday to Matthew.