Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Elder!

Our big news this Christmas season is that we are gaining a new family member. Scott was engaged on Christmas Eve and he and Becca are looking to a summer wedding. We are excited for them and will very much enjoy having Becca as part of the family.

Another Teenager!

Earlier this month Molly became the 5th Elder child to reach that teenage milestone. Her birthday coincided with our annual gingerbread making day so her birthday turned out to be one big day of celebration.

Thankful for friends who help with the younger kids!

Later that night we celebrated with family.

And even managed to get her ears pierced in the midst of the busy day.

And then the next day, Amy took Molly to camp with a couple of friends so that they could ride horses. A good 13th birthday!

Misc. November Happenings

The ballet company from the place where my girls dance has a big performance each year called The Gift. It is the Christmas story told in dance. This year Elizabeth was able to be a sheep in this performance. I had great expectations of being able to post the video but even Eric, who can usually solve all computer issues, was not able to get the video to load (sorry Nana and Grampa). We did however manage to get a picture of her backstage in costume so that will have to suffice. Maybe next year we will do better.

Thanksgiving Day began with Amy and me running the Atlanta Half Marathon. We both had a good race and I enjoy being able to run with her.

We did host Thanksgiving dinner at our house, but failed to take any pictures. It was however a lovely time with family and friends and we always look forward to everyone coming over.