Friday, September 16, 2011

Our First Honey Extraction

Eric was pleased with how his first extraction of honey went. It was neat to watch and the honey is very tasty!!

Football Begins

Peter is once again playing football for a home school team. This is their second year and they have won 2 games which already is a great improvement over last year. They have an ex-NFL player for a coach and he is doing a great job with these kids. Peter tried out for and received the kicking job this year (although he still plays on the field). Peter is number 20 in the pics. Katie is the team photographer and has set up a blog for the team pictures at (if anyone wants to look at football pictures):

August Birthdays

We had two August birthday which I did not get to acknowledge on their day (the story of my life these days..). However, we did celebrate - Anna turned 9 and Scott turned 22!!

Beach Trip

We did get to the beach in August and had a great time. I posted most of the pictures on facebook (in a more timely manner) but here are a few which I like.

More Vancouver

With vacation and the start of school I never posted the rest of the Vancouver pictures, so here are some more.....