Sunday, October 26, 2008

Katie's Nature Photography

Katie has been enjoying taking pictures. Here are some of her nature ones taken recently.

We had this turtle come to the back deck and proceed to eat a cicada. He was so intent on his meal he didn't care that we all came out and sat and watched him eat it. He devoured the cicada pretty quickly, but we spared you those photos.

Random pics

We haven't posted for awhile. Not much going on here except normal life, so here are a couple of normal life photos.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scott Dresses!

Scott had the privilege of dressing for the game on Saturday. Georgia Tech won but it wasn't very pretty. But Scott looked pretty cool there on the sidelines.

Amy and Katie went down early (the rest of us went down at game time) to take pictures of them warming up on the field. That is why the stands are empty in the second picture - it was two hours before the game. Stands were pretty full for the game.

Jumping Jacks

Huddle after warm-up. Scott is right of center

On sidelines with 1st and 2nd string quarterbacks during game

Number 66 is the other home schooled guy on the team

Cross Country Finals

Our league's state cross country meet was Saturday morning. Amy placed third.

The varsity team

Eric ran in the parents race

Matthew hanging out

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Elizabeth turned 3 this past Saturday. I didn't get her birthday post up on time as we were here, there and everywhere, but she did have a good birthday. I took a poll of the kids in the vicinity on how to describe Elizabeth. I think I'll just keep the results here and say that Elizabeth is one of the more spirited, opinionated, strong willed children we have had but still a blessing from God. We love you Lizzy Boo!

Out to breakfast with dad - a birthday tradition

She insisted on eating a lemon

Cross Country Pics

Cross Country went well on Saturday. Amy came in second although she was not happy with her time. Katie, Peter and Molly all ran well - it was a tough course. Molly tripped and fell and also lost her shoe along the way, but she handled it well.

Fun Friends!

Weekend Away

Last weekend we traveled up to Nashville for a wedding. We had a wonderful time visiting with old friends. We almost didn't get to go because of the gas situation - there was hardly any gas in Atlanta. Some thought us rather stupid for traveling from Atlanta which hardly had any gas to Nashville which also supposedly had no gas, but we really wanted to go so we forged ahead. Unfortunately we did not take any pictures...... We spent the night up there and went to a wonderful church the next day and then went to the home of some friends from that church for the afternoon. Another very enjoyable time of fellowship, but alas no pictures there either.... I guess we were too busy having a good time. My sister took care of our dogs and she got some cute pictures. OK so not quite the same, but it's all we have.