Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hearing Aids - Answered Prayer

After an initial back and forth on hearing aids for Anna, it was determined that she would in fact benefit from hearing aids. This did not bother me until I realized that medical insurance does NOT cover hearing aids and they are quite expensive. Anna therefore went without hearing aids for some time. She only has a mild/moderate hearing loss so as long as you are not whispering or are not at some distance from her, she can hear. The aids however would hopefully allow her speech to develop better as they would enable her to pick up sounds more clearly. The added expense, especially combined with everything else, was a challenge and we prayed that God would provide hearing aids for her.
Our pastor wears hearing aids and he mentioned Anna's situation to the woman from whom he receives his aids. She went to her supplier and explained Anna's situation and the supplier agreed to provide Anna with hearing aids FREE OF CHARGE! What an answer to prayer! So now Anna has her hearing aids. Thank you Lord for your provision.

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