Monday, October 19, 2009

Georgia Tech vs Virginia Tech - Post Game - Locker Room

A co-worker of Eric's sent us this as you can see Scott move in front and center as the song progresses.
If you have trouble viewing it on the blog, here is the link:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sports Saturday cont. - The Big Win!

Georgia Tech beat Virginia Tech 28-23. From ESPN:
The gold-clad fans stormed the field, engulfing a team that didn't mind a bit, and wound up tearing down the goal post in the north end of Bobby Dodd Stadium. No wonder -- this was Georgia Tech's first win at home over a top-five team since the Dodd-coached Yellow Jackets beat Bear Bryant's top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide in 1962.

Eric and I were able to go and didn't even mind the freezing weather to watch this game. Scott said the fans were swarming all around them so much that he could not even raise up his arms! It was an exciting evening.
The field, soon after this picture, filled to capacity with fans.
Scott is number 24 below.

Sports Saturday

Cross Country was COLD!!!! The temperatures were in the 40's and it was very windy, but the kids all ran well. Molly ran her best time so far this year! The parents wished we could be running as we all froze watching!

Nature Sighting

We had to take little break from school one morning when I spotted this bird at the creek. We have a large variety of birds here, but we have never seen a heron around before. It was pretty cool to watch!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Runner of the Week

Each week the cross country coaches select a "Runner of the Week". For the first meet, Emily was selected and for the 3rd meet Peter was selected. We are proud of their determination and hard work in their running!
2009 Runner of the Week Shamrock 1
2009 Runner of the Week Clinton

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Elizabeth Turns 4

Today Elizabeth turned 4. She has been counting "sleeps" and was so excited her day was finally here. Everyone at church sang to her before lunch which she enjoyed. Then we had family over tonight to celebrate.

She wanted a ladybug cake so her big sister Amy made one for her:

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home School Day at Stone Mountain

Yesterday our home school group spent the day at Stone Mountain. In the morning we had a talk (all the way up the mountain) by an amateur geologist who pointed out geological evidence around and on Stone Mountain that supported a creationist view of the origin and features of Stone Mountain.

We then spent the rest of the day picnicking, playing on the playground and doing a scavenger hunt (finding facts about Stone Mountain) through the museum.

Fortunately I had help lugging Grace up the mountain.