Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cross Country Ends

Our cross country season ended last weekend. We had a great showing at the finals and it was a beautiful day, especially considering the weather at the finals last year was rainy and cold.

This was Katie's last meet as she will graduate this year. We are very proud of her sticking out the season. She was the only varsity girl and running is not her thing, but she showed great character in her attitude and her commitment. She ran on the team for 6 years and she finished well.

Our junior girls achieved second place! Molly placed 7th coming in 41 seconds under her goal time. (Her goal time was 11 minutes and she ran a 10:19).

Peter, since his football season was over, decided to run the last two meets of the year. He had been on the team the year before and so was still on the roster. He assumed that since he was in football shape that he was also in running shape. After he ran the first meet he realized the error of his ways. To his credit he did run the week between that meet and the finals trying to prepare better. Much to his good fortune the JV boys placed third and he came home with a medal.

Our team also had a great showing in the annual parent/coaches race. Our boys' coach placed 2nd overall and our girls' coach placed 1st. Eric was 3rd in the men's masters and I was 2nd in the women's masters.

Anna enjoyed going to the meets. She seemed to "get" the running thing. She was most confused by Peter's football games - didn't understand why people would intentionally knock people over, but running she could understand. It also helped that our team always has a great food table in the tent!

We closed the season yesterday with the banquet. Katie put together a great slide show that was the hit of the banquet. We have a great little team and we look forward to next year.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Bue Angels

We spent this afternoon watching the Blue Angels. There isn't much to say about them except that they are VERY cool!!! Katie got some great pictures (click to enlarge).

Cross Country Saturday

Our Junior Girls team had a stellar Saturday. We placed 2nd, 3rd (Molly), 4th (Emily) and 5th!! Way to go girls!

Daniel Hannan

Thursday evening Eric and I were able to attend a dinner in which Daniel Hannan spoke. Daniel Hannan is a conservative member of the European Parliament who became famous after this video clip aired all over the internet.

Daniel Hannan is a very passionate and eloquent speaker. His basic premise is that he lives in what is our (the United States') future and that it stinks. His call is that we here in America will fight for our freedoms so that we will not end up where his country is. He certainly does not approach this from a Christian perspective and we know that God is the one who ultimately raises up and puts down governments. But Daniel Hannan in his speech pointed out that we are not a bunch of random people put here in a random time period for no purpose. I do know that God puts us each here for a reason and that our country is truly heading down the wrong path.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Pointe Shoes

Peter and Football

Ever since Scott made the Tech team (he is not playing this year, but focusing on grades - or so he says), Peter has been wanting to play football. There were two home school teams in Atlanta, but they were not convenient to our house. This year a third team was formed and it practices relatively close to our house, so we allowed him to play. He very much enjoyed himself, but unfortunately received a concussion in one of the last games, thus taking him out for the rest of the season. I'm not so sure about this concussion thing - I told Peter if he gets another one next season he may have a very short football career. It was, however, overall a good first year of football.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Elizabeth turns 5

Breakfast with Dad

Doll from Nana and Grandpa

With Gramma and Papa