Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daniel Hannan

Thursday evening Eric and I were able to attend a dinner in which Daniel Hannan spoke. Daniel Hannan is a conservative member of the European Parliament who became famous after this video clip aired all over the internet.

Daniel Hannan is a very passionate and eloquent speaker. His basic premise is that he lives in what is our (the United States') future and that it stinks. His call is that we here in America will fight for our freedoms so that we will not end up where his country is. He certainly does not approach this from a Christian perspective and we know that God is the one who ultimately raises up and puts down governments. But Daniel Hannan in his speech pointed out that we are not a bunch of random people put here in a random time period for no purpose. I do know that God puts us each here for a reason and that our country is truly heading down the wrong path.

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