Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Church Hiking Trip

A group from our church went hiking recently on Signal Mountain in TN. It was a beautiful place, the weather was great and we had a wonderful time of fellowship while enjoying God's incredible creation.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life in the Clan

Matthew had a rather rough day or so recently. On Saturday morning he was standing on a stool in the kitchen watching Eric make pancakes. Somehow he managed to fall off and in the process bit his tongue badly. It bled and bled and bled....we held rags on it but the blood kept filling up his mouth. So he just starting spewing all the blood into the kitchen sink and it just kept coming. We had a childless friend over and right when Matthew was spewing blood into the sink, Eric handed her a plate of pancakes and said "here your pancakes are ready"! I am guessing she will choose in the future to eat elsewhere. Hopefully she will still have children. Matthew then spent several hours on the couch too woozy to get up. Later in the day I heard a tremendous crash upstairs. I went up to find that Matthew had somehow fallen (the story was a little convoluted) getting off the toilet and had smacked his head on the toilet seat, breaking it (the toilet seat, not his head!).
To follow all of that up when we were coming in from church the next morning Matthew straggled in last crying, his hand and his head covered in blood. He said that a scooter had fallen on his head. I know enough of the laws of physics to know that scooters do not jump up off the ground and hit someone in the head. And, no, we do not have scooters hanging from the garage ceiling on nifty little hooks - we are not that organized. Actually we do have hooks on one wall for scooters, but the kids never hang the scooters up and the hooks have long since been blocked by large containers which are there to hold outside toys. I'm guessing these containers are empty. The scooters are usually laying scattered around the garage floor and mostly in the walking path through the garage. I could say that maybe the scooters are possessed and my children actually do hang them on the hooks that Eric spent good time putting up and the scooters jump off the hooks in order to sabotage family members that walk through the garage. But I'm pretty sure possessed scooters are not something that Christians believe in, so that is not an option however much I would like to believe that my children hang up their scooters and my life is organized. So all that to say that I have no idea how a scooter hit Matthew in the head. But he survived, we weren't reported to Family and Children's Services, and all seems to be well.
As we focus on giving thanks this month (and always) these incidents remind me to be thankful that my children don't get hurt nearly as much as they could and that all days are not like this.