Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 4 and 5

I can't wait to get more details and see pictures of all the things they have done. I really cannot put much explanation into what they have done as I just don't have the complete picture.

They had their embassy appointment on Thursday. It came very close to having to be re-scheduled as the embassy said that they were missing some vital form. Belay was able to step in and find the form! They were then able to go ahead and finish the appointment and they got Anna's visa on Friday. Another answer to prayer!

Thursday afternoon they were able to hook up with the soccer ministry that we had collected the jerseys and balls for. Scott was able to play with them and it sounded like he had a great time. Eric was able to meet the Youth For Christ Staff in Ethiopia (I'm not entirely clear on how they are related to the soccer ministry), and he enjoyed connecting with them.

Thursday evening they went to some sort of cultural dinner with music and dancing. They all had a great time - Eric said Anna loved all the music and tried to imitate the dancers.

Friday was a very busy day. They went to visit Anna's previous orphanage so that Eric could talk to the doctor that has treated Anna for a majority of her life. That was a very beneficial meeting. Then they went to the last orphanage Anna was in so that she could say goodbye. After that they visited 3 state run orphanages. One of the orphanages is for older boys and Scott was able to play soccer with them. A couple of years ago the estimate of the number of orphans in Ethiopia was about 5 million. The number of orphans that they saw just in these visits was a drop in the bucket compared to that, but it was very overwhelming to them. It was very difficult to see rows and rows of cribs and beds and so many children without families. A hard day...

But most wonderful of all they are headed home!

And speaking of home - all the kids are still alive and the house is still standing so I'd say that it was a successful week on my part!

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