Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 3 in Ethiopia

Today was the day that they visited the Gladney foster care facility. Here they took part in a traditional coffee ceremony where a woman roasted coffee beans over a pit, then crushed them with a type of pestle and mortar set, mixed with the water and then served (this is the short "its midnight and I'm tired" version). They were able to deliver the care packages to the soon to be adopted babies. Amy changed both babies into their new little outfits and Eric took pictures and video which we will send to the parents. Amy commented that Baby E was enthusiastic and happy and Baby D was also happy but seemed to have more of a quiet disposition. She enjoyed her time with them.

Eric was able to get two doses of antibiotics into Tigist so I pray we will see improvement and especially that her condition would not worsen.


Belleme said...

That's my baby E!!! Thanks so much!! Can't wait for the pics and videos!

ElderClan said...

Will get them to you as soon as I can! Amy commented on just how adorable baby E is - but then of course you know that already!