Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 2 in Ethiopia

Today was a free day just to be used for more "family bonding". Eric has been quite reachable by phone, but conversation is somewhat difficult due to the connection. So I don't get near the details that I would like. Scott is keeping a journal so I am anxious to read that when they get home and hopefully get more of a sense of what happened.

They took a couple of journeys out today. First they drove up Entoto Mountain which gives a view of Addis from the top. Something about that didn't seem to go right, but I never did get the details. They also visited Alert Hospital Souvenir Shop. Alert Hospital is the only leprosy hospital in Africa and the people who have been treated there make things to be sold in the souvenir shop. Eric seemed to really like that place. I know they picked up some things, but I don't know what and he even mentioned he might go back for a few other things. I associate leprosy with the Biblical accounts of it and forget that countries still struggle with it today. Last they went to visit a little boy who was recently referred to some friends of ours. This little boy has some medical issues and our friends are praying about whether to accept the referral or not. In the providence of God our trip came only a few days after this referral. They asked if Eric could swing by and just take a look at him which Eric was able to do. He took some video and was able to talk to the nurse there. The boy seems to be doing well and we were glad to be able to do this for them.

The guest home where they are staying is suppose to have internet, but it is not working (I suppose a typical Africa thing). I am disappointed to not be able to see any pictures, but we will have lots when they return! Also when I talked to them last, Eric and Amy were reading by candlelight as the power was out (another typical Africa thing). They have all commented that it is just so different from anything they have ever seen.

Nigisti seems to be doing well. Amy says she gets nervous when they go out - probably wonders if she is being returned to the orphanage. She also seems to be quite picky about her food! Eric says she is very friendly with them, but shy around others, and seems to have a good attitude. Communication is difficult as she doesn't understand English at all, but they seemed to have worked out some good hand signals. All in all I think things are going well.

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