Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Football

Georgia Tech had its spring football game today. Scott dressed out on the white team. I probably need to explain a little about what Scott has been doing on the football team. I explained Scott's tryouts as a kicker here. Well when practice started last fall they needed another cornerback on the practice squad. So they took all the walk-on kickers and did some speed drills and jumping drills. Scott's time and jumping height were the best of the group so they pulled him off of kicking and put him as a cornerback. Remember that Scott had never played football in his life - knew nothing of rules, plays etc. This was a little daunting. To add to this there are several reasons why playing cornerback seemed a bit unrealistic for Scott. Suffice it to say that if you saw a picture of all the cornerbacks you would understand. He was also told he could move back to kicking in the spring. But Scott worked very hard to learn this position and made an impression on his coaches and fellow players. When spring practice started he did begin practicing with the kickers. This lasted a day or so and then he was pulled back to cornerback and told he could still practice kicking before practice, but during practice he was needed as a cornerback. This isn't really a situation where one argues about such things.

Which brings us to the spring game today. We were thrilled when Scott actually got to go in and play and he did play for quite bit of time in the 4th quarter. He was credited with two tackles (it was neat to hear his name announced in a reasonably crowded stadium!) and all in all did well. We were able to go down on the field after the game and Eric and I met two of his coaches. They both complimented us on what a fine young man he was and how impressed they have been with his work ethic on the team. We are really proud of what he has done to be where he was today. Who would have thought he would actually play as a cornerback? Sometimes God takes life in a funny direction...

In the photo below he is on the right side (looking at the picture) upside down - you can barely see the 4 on his back.

He is on the left side in this picture (again just the 4 visible):

She should have had this on at the recital.

P.S. Matthew and Peter were wrestling around on the field and Matthew's bottom tooth got knocked out. So we can say that Matthew lost his first tooth in the end zone of the Georgia Tech Football Field!

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