Sunday, May 3, 2009

Science Camp 2

For the second year in a row our homeschool group attended science camp at Camp Sunrise in North Georgia. Katie, Peter, Molly and Emily went and everyone again had a great time. Eric and I stayed home to prepare for Amy's graduation celebration which was to be held at our house and we had a lot of work to do. However, instead of getting all that work done we spent the afternoon at the hospital with Grace. When I went in to get her from her nap she was having a seizure. Eric immediately took her to the hospital. They said it was a seizure due to fever. Her fever was not very high, but they told us that the rate of change can cause a fever as well as the height of the fever. She has recovered well; however, her mother has not. I was quite traumatized by the whole thing and am praying that it will not happen again. None of the children has ever had a seizure before and I can personally do without another one.

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