Thursday, May 14, 2009


I had some forms I needed to drop off at a government agency. In looking at the address I realized the building was very close to the pediatrician's office where I was headed for an appointment with one of the children. So I figured I would just drop them off after the appointment. So Amy and I went into the building and up to the information counter and I told the woman that I had forms to drop off. She looked at me rather strangely so I repeated myself this time telling her what the forms were and asking if I could just take them to that respective department. She again looked at me strangely and said "the forms have to be mailed in." I was a little dumbfounded and asked why I could not just hand her the forms or take them to the correct department. She said that the forms had to come through the mailroom so they could be stamped with the date received. I asked whether she could just stamp the envelope with the date, but no she could not do that. It seemed no-one had ever tried to drop forms off before and she had no idea what to do, but could only repeat that the forms needed to be mailed in. So I left with my forms only to go and mail them to where I had just come from. I can't wait until government takes over health care!

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