Saturday, April 18, 2009

End of an Era

Last night was the annual piano recital. For Amy it was her last one as she graduates this year. My mom has taught all the children when they started out and then when they have gotten through the beginner stage they have moved to Mrs. Champness. Mrs. Champness is retiring this year and this was her last recital. It was a little sad to realize she will not be teaching the younger ones, but we are very thankful for the years that we had with her. She was a wonderful teacher.

There was a nice reception for her after the recital marred only by the blood-curdling scream of Elizabeth who emerged from the nursery area with her face covered in blood. It seems she was on some sort of 2 seater rocking toy contraption and when the other person fell off, it came up and smacked her right in the face. She had blood flowing from her mouth and nose - which, following in the steps of her older brother, is probably broken. (Scott has broken his nose more times than I can remember.) Hopefully when people look back on Mrs. Champness last recital they will have fond memories of her and not of that child with blood spewing everywhere!

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