Saturday, January 31, 2009

Odds and Ends

Happenings over the last week or so:

Best Quote: My parents have been going through some boxes that belonged to my grandparents. My mom brought over some things from the box that she thought I would like to have. Included in this was a box of Barbie type dolls and some clothes. Seeing this Matthew burst out excitedly, "Oh Mom, now YOU can play!" Apparently he was under the illusion that the reason I didn't play was that I did not own any toys.

Bragging: Amy took the ACT test and received her scores back. She made a perfect score on the verbal part of the test!

Mishap: I was downstairs while several children were playing in the tub upstairs. I hear yelling - ok not too uncommon around here so being the mom that I am, I ignore it. Then I hear people running so I figure its worth checking out. I run into several children who can only seem to get out one word "explosion". So I'm a little more worried and run to the bathroom. There several children are huddled dripping wet and crying. It seems that one child decided to shot water up to the ceiling. This water hit the light bulb in the chandelier causing it to explode and shower bits of glass into the tub. In a small act of justice the child who sent water up in the air was the only one hit by the hot glass and she received a burn on her leg from it.

Hospitality: We hosted a shower today for a young woman in our church, Amy, who is getting married in February. We had some great food (made by my Amy and Katie) - chicken salad, spinach-artichoke dip, strawberry pretzel salad, orange muffins and the best cake in the world. I sent out cards with the invitations asking each woman coming to write down "words of wisdom" for Amy. It could be either something from Scripture, passed down from their mother or other woman or just life experience. I had each woman read them as they gave Amy their gift and then I put them in a little book for Amy to keep. The neat thing was that Amy's mom brought, as one of her gifts, a glass rolling pin filled with "words of wisdom" that were given to Amy's grandmother at her shower! It was neat to read some of them and see what advice was given 50 some odd years ago, compared to now.

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