Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reading Opportunities

There are a couple of reading opportunities I wanted to let people know of as they may want to take part in them.

First, Princeton Theological Seminary, in honor of the 500th anniversary of John Calvin's birth, is hosting a Read The Institutes for this year. We have had a copy of the Institutes of the Christian Religion sitting on our shelf for some time. Several times I have wanted to start but didn't. Eric did start, but did not make it very far. So both Eric and I have determined to follow Princeton's schedule and read the Institutes this year. Surprisingly the daily readings are not terribly long and it is quite readable.

Second, my friend Cindy over at Dominion Family is hosting a blog discussion on the book All God's Children and Blue Suede Shoes by Kenneth Meyers. This book deals with popular culture and it is one I would highly recommend. Each Wednesday Cindy will be posting her thoughts on the chapters for the week, and then linking to others who are also in on the discussion. For this week it was only the Introduction and Chapter 1, so if you are interested you should be able to catch up quickly. Maybe if I finish each week's assignment before midnight of the night before I may be able to post my thoughts, but if not there are plenty of people reading and taking part. Cindy is very wise and her posts always make me think so I am looking forward to this discussion. A quote from the introduction to start you thinking:
"The forms of our popular culture may well have a more significant effect on our perceptions than the content. This is why I do not believe that much would be improved if, all other things being equal, Christians could somehow take over all of the instruments of popular culture, even if they were very talented and orthodox Christians."

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