Saturday, June 11, 2011

Camp Starts

The camp summer has begun. This summer Amy is head wrangler, which means she is in charge of the barn and all the people who work at the barn. Katie is a junior counselor, working as a lifeguard and also helping at the barn. I'm sure it will be a great summer for them. The summer opens with family day and we all went down to enjoy the activities (although with temperatures in the upper 90's, some of the activities were more miserable than others - the pool was quite popular).

Peter almost to the top of the climbing tower. Once he got up there it was then off the zip line.

Matthew wasn't entirely thrilled with the climbing tower. He made it just short way up and then declared he wanted down. The counselor working the ropes told him she would let him down and then the mean mom stepped in and said "No, he can go a little farther". I did not want him giving up at the first sign of difficulty. He then did manage to make it about 3/4 of the way up with a lot of encouragement.

My children are not the only ones working out there this summer. I am working in the kitchen for a good part of the summer. I have bartered time in the kitchen in exchange for sending Peter, Molly, Emily and Matthew to camp. I finished my first week and it went well, except that it is very hot. The kitchen does not have AC! (This is a rather rustic camp!)

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