Friday, February 18, 2011

Travails on Ice

Our home school group went ice skating. My children, at least the middle/younger crowd, had never been ice skating. It looked to be a long day. Katie and her friend took Anna around the ice and she wailed the entire time (Anna that is, not Katie). Elizabeth was clutched onto my hand falling every few seconds, and every time I looked around for Matthew he was causing some sort of catastrophe on the ice.

Then things began to improve. We sat Anna out. Elizabeth decided she wanted to try it on her own, and it was like she was born in the North. She took off and hardly hit the ice at all.

I have to give Matthew credit for boldness - he got out there and kept skating, but unfortunately still managed to spend most of his time in the following positions.

Everyone else had a great time and they are anxious to go again. (Well except Anna - but I didn't think she would like it anyway, so it wasn't a big surprise.)

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Amy said...

My kids have only been ice skating when Dad is around .. because having mom falling every 2 seconds would definitely not help things ... and love that Matthew's shirt says "AAGGHHH" on the back. Very appropriate. :-)