Friday, January 21, 2011

Anna Learns to Ride a Bike!

Eric took some time off work after the holidays as he ended up working quite a bit over them. One of his goals during this time was to get Anna to ride her bike without training wheels. Fortunately this was the week before the huge snow storm hit. Anna's physical therapist really wanted her to ride without training wheels, but I was highly doubtful that she could do it - she is still so weak physically and her balance is not good (this is what the bike riding will hopefully help to correct). Eric worked with her each day with the training wheels (took her to a big empty parking lot near our house) and then the last day he had at home he was able to take the training wheels off and she could ride around the parking lot. She cannot start or stop her bike. This however turns out to be a good thing. Once Eric gets her going she has to ride until he stops her -which is much longer than she would choose for herself! Maybe one of these days we will see some muscle on her legs.