Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Off to Camp

Molly and Emily attended Camp Westminster last week. They were able to take some friends that we met through church. They were in Katie's cabin, and also had Scott and Amy looking out for them, so it wasn't too much of an away from home experience. Peter commented that we would be down to 5 kids at the dinner table. It's amazing how 5 kids is still a lot of kids, but I felt like we had nobody here and it took away my desire to do any sort of cooking. Kind of like when Eric is out of town and we have fish sticks. Of course of the 5 we had left, 4 of them are of the sort where you could slave all day in the kitchen and they would turn their noses in disgust anyway. So we ate pretty simply. There were also a few nights the animals didn't get fed (Molly and Emily are in charge of the cats and also in charge of Amy and Katie's dogs while they are gone). But fortunately all of the animals survived and Molly and Emily had a great time. I am thankful they had the opportunity to go.

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