Monday, June 21, 2010

Last Re-cap

Here are a few more pictures of the trip to Ethiopia. Obviously I'm a little slow in getting all these posted, but I at least wanted to post of few of some of their activities.

Unfortunately many of my favorite pictures I am not allowed to post. They are pictures of many of the orphans that Eric, Scott and Amy had contact with while they were there, and we are not allowed to post pictures of them or of anything in the orphanages. But we have pictures of Scott throwing some of the children up in the air while others cling to his legs wanting a turn. There are pictures of the orphans sitting on Scott's lap and crowding all around him, and pictures of Amy holding the babies they visited for people who were adopting. There are pictures of Scott playing soccer with some of the older boys at one of the orphanages. While visiting one of Anna's orphanages, the one she spent the most time at, the doctor there pointed out a little boy to Eric and asked if he might be interested in taking him also. So there is a picture of him - and what do you do with a question like that??? His sad eyes tug at my heart. To hear a number - that there are 5 million orphans in Ethiopia alone - is hard to comprehend. But to see room after room after room filled with cribs and beds and children - well that is just overwhelming. Those visits were tough. But now when I hear 5 million orphans, the faces in these pictures come flooding into my mind, and I pray. The need is so great.

Below is one of the babies they visited. I can now post a picture of her as her court date was June 1st and her parents are now in Ethiopia picking her up. Isn't she adorable??? She is no longer an orphan!

Attending a traditional coffee ceremony. Here roasting the beans, and yes the coffee was wonderful. Eric brought back some raw beans and tried to roast them... they burned!

Scott playing soccer with some of the street kids. Through this ministry they were able to meet some of the Youth for Christ staff in Ethiopia.

Cultural dinner with dancing!

And Scott's Ethiopian shoes....


Kaeden said...

That's sweet Ely! I am good friends with Joe and Janet. I love it!

Amy said...

I would love to know who some of the families are .. I read so many Gladney blogs ... it would be fun to know there's a connection. Amy

ElderClan said...


The baby pictured, Elyana, belongs to the Bellemes.

We visited two others - one was not a Gladney baby and one was. Neither one of them have blogs though.

Kaeden - I have enjoyed getting to know Janet through this - they seem like such neat people and I am so happy for them. Ely IS very sweet!


Dawn said...