Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Again!

I know the rest of the country has had their fair share of snow, but it occurs so infrequently here that it is cause for excitement. Our day started out with a home school trip to the Cyclorama.

Then we headed to the Varsity for lunch. That infamous place that all the kids love and the adults hate. It started snowing while we were there, so the kids were anxious to get home.

Driving home it was coming down hard, so that by the time we got home we had a nice Winter Wonderland.

The snow is beautiful, but every time it snows I am reminded of why I don't want to live any further north. Putting snow clothes on kids, taking them off, repeating that several times, wet boots, clothes, hats, gloves, jackets dripping everywhere. Nope a couple of days a year is good enough for me.

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