Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Adoption Update

Our little girl received her first care package from us a few days ago. (Another family traveling to Ethiopia to pick up their child took it for us and one of the Gladney in-country representatives delivered it). In her package we sent a little photo album with family pictures, pictures of each individual child, and some pictures of our house. We sent her a tie-dye T-shirt (one of the family pictures in the album was the one on the beach in all of our tie-dye shirts), a beanie baby, some crayons and a drawing pad.

The representative sent an update of the delivery. He said:

“What a delightful girl! "N" was so excited to get her care package. She proudly showed off her family in the little photo album she received to those of us who went to see her and wanted to immediately put on her family t-shirt. The crayons were next. She started drawing. When I pointed at the picture of her dad and mom and said “ababa” (“daddy”) and “mama”, she replied with “Ow,” or “yes,” and she either kissed or blew kisses at all the members of her family in the photo album. What a sweetheart!”

He also sent a picture. In the one he sent she was looking at a pictures of Amy, Katie, Scott and Matthew - it was a little strange to see a pictures of our kids here being shown to a child way over in Ethiopia! We are excited that she knows about us now. It is hard just to sit and wait, but we look forward to the day we can meet her in person.


Dominion Family said...

Wow, Kim. This brings tears to my eyes.

Amy said...

So excited for you all! Made me cry just thinking about it. Our dossier arrived in Addis yesterday!