Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy 50th Anniversay!

On Saturday my parents celebrated 50 years of marriage. To honor them we, the kids, hosted a dinner party at our house. It was a wonderful time of looking back and being with friends, some whom we have not seen for quite some time. It was a beautiful evening.

We set up tables on the back deck area where we had dinner. A chef friend of my brother's came and made cherries jubilee for dessert. He made it outside on a table and it was quite a production. Amy made 6 pound cakes on which we put ice cream topped with his cherries jubilee. It was wonderful.

Mom dancing with Donovan. Note the dessert chef in the background. He also made a mean wild mushroom ravioli as part of the dinner!
Scott and a friend provided some very nice dinner music.
Our family:

Our family now!
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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