Monday, September 21, 2009

Cross Country Begins

The cross country season opened with its first meet under less than ideal conditions. It had been raining hard here for at least a week and it was still raining Saturday morning. The meet however went on. Katie, Peter, Molly and Emily (her first year) are all running this year. We didn't get a picture of Peter, but here are some that were taken of the others.

The start of the Junior Race. Molly is to the right of middle.

Emily coming into the finish. Molly is beside here but shielded by the other girl.

Katie - who would rather me not post any running pictures of her, so we won't make a comment.

Eric helps with coaching.
Considering the conditions they all did very well, but it was a very wet day. And the rain has continued. In fact they closed schools in our area today due to flooding. We in turn had our own flood. Elizabeth came to get in our bed around 3am due to the thunder and lightening (this is a regular occurrence lately with all the storms). We noticed the power was out and Eric got up to check on the others and as he went through the kitchen he realized he was walking through a lake rather than the kitchen floor. Our handyman came to fix it today; however Matthew just came and informed me that there is water all over the kitchen again, so I guess I'll go mop!!

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