Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 500th Calvin!

Today is the 500th anniversary of the great reformer John Calvin. Eric and I have developed much more of a respect for this man as we are reading through the Institutes of the Christian Religion this year. We would both say that other than the Bible this is the most important work we have ever read.

Last night we headed over to the Circa History Guild where Bill Potter gave a presentation on Calvin and his influence particularly in the history of the United States. It was a wonderful presentation and as a bonus we were able to see many friends there. We also got to meet Pastor Joe Morecraft and his wife Becky. Joe Morecraft has a national reputation as one of the finest church history teachers. Bill Potter said in his talk that Joe Morecraft knows more accidently about Calvin than he, Bill Potter, knows on purpose! Dr. Morecraft has a great series on the Reformation and many others on Sermon Audio that are worth listening to. As an aside Becky's sister is Judy Rogers who has put much Scripture and also the Children's Catecism to music. We have most of her children's works and our children have put to memory many passages of Scripture through this music. Becky told me Judy is about to release a new one on the Beautitudes. I highly recommend her music for younger children.

John Calvin was a very humble man and we do not even know where he was buried as he requested to be buried in an unmarked grave. He did not want any glory given to him, but only to Christ. I think he would be troubled that people call themselves "Calvinists". John Calvin has also been much unjustly maligned through the years and it would be our hope that those who don't know John Calvin would spend some time with the works of this man. We know that you will be richly blessed.

Bill Potter wrote this article on John Calvin and his influence on the Puritans. This is another longer article on his legacy. If you are not quite ready to tackle the Institutes (although they are very easy reading) I would recommend this book.

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