Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Lord's Mercies

Today was one of those days where it becomes very real how quickly life can change. Scott was playing violin in a wedding. He left early in the morning to head down to rehearsal. It was raining and wet and he hit a puddle and hydro-planed off the road, cutting across lanes, going sideways across the grass (notice the four tire marks), going over a ridge with the car getting airborne and hitting a tree, doing a 360 and going down the hill into another tree. The car is totaled, but Scott walked away. His neck is quite sore, which we will have checked out, but we praise God it wasn't worse. We are amazed he wasn't hurt worse or even killed. A sober reminder of the shortness of life. We are also thankful to the couple who stopped and stayed with Scott until the rescue crew arrived. We are grateful for the Lord's mercy to Scott and to us.

The tree to the right with the mark is the one he hit airborne.

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Shannon said...

what a shock! I join you all in thanks to the Lord and pray that Scott will continue to heal, even from lingering anxiety. May this sobering reminder bring fuller purpose and passion to life for each of us.
In His care - Shannon