Thursday, November 6, 2008


Tricia Ann tagged us to list 6 random things about ourselves. So here goes...

1. I burn popcorn when I cook it.
2. I drove a H-1 when I was 13.
3. I can pop my elbow backwards.
4. My favorite sport is swimming.
5. My favorite ice-cream is chocolate-chip cookie dough.
6. I can't sing.

1. My favorite foods are pancakes and sweet potato casserole.
2. My dream car is a yellow Jeep Wrangler.
3. I can touch my nose with my tongue.
4. Fall is my favorite season.
5. Tengo diecisiete anos.
6. I killed a big copperhead on the driveway with a shovel.

I hope that's random enough! :D


The Lingo Clan said...
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The Lingo Clan said...

Katie...we've been over this before...they only let you drive the H1 because you were in the middle of the desert! What could you possibly have hit? A sand dune? It's the safest place for reckless drivers as far as I'm concerned. Ok, ok, so there was a cliff somewhere in the same desert, but the owner of the H1 wouldn't have let you drive if you were near it. If you don't believe me, ask Scott.

3 is totally random. I hope it isn't functionallity you have to use often. O.o

Noa understanda numbera 5. You dance with 17 noses?


ElderClan said...

hahaha, NOT FUNNY Jacob!
For those of you who do not understand any sort of basic Spanish, that means I am seventeen years old.
And by the way, I certainly hope 3 is random. That's the whole point isn't it?!
Oh and I totally agree with your comment to Katie. :D


ElderClan said...

Ok, you know what Jacob? I think you(and Scott) are just jealous that I got to drive a H1 and y'all didn't. And there was alot more then just a cliff around but it probably won't do any good to try to prove it cause stubborn people just don't listen.


The Lingo Clan said...

Well, Amy, there is random and there is random. Some people don't understand the difference.

That's an interesting thought, Katie. Keep telling yourself that and it'll make you feel better.

\m/ Jacob

Christy said...

You killed a WHAT in your driveway? Was your poor mother at home? Is she afraid to walk outside now? You are a brave and noble girl!

ElderClan said...

Jacob, first of all, I'm feeling quite fine and secondly, like I said, stubborn people just don't listen.

And BTW, you need to do this thing. you probably have a ton of random things to list and then I can make fun of you.


ElderClan said...

Yes, Christy, I was home - actually outside standing on the driveway and saw the snake and it all went downhill from there. Amy ran out and saved the day - she's my hero!