Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Sports Update

Our sports are now in full swing. For various reasons Peter is not playing soccer this fall. He joined Amy, Katie and Molly on the home school cross country team. They compete in a region against small Christian and private schools. The first meet was this Saturday and included about 12 teams. Amy and Katie both run on the varsity girls team and their race distance is a 5K (3.1 miles). Amy ran well - she had trained hard over the summer and was able to take a minute off her best time from last year. She was second all around for varsity girls. Katie, who would rather do almost anything than run, ran well also. Peter did very well for his first time competing - he ran on the JV team which run a 2 mile race - and Molly did very well running on the juniors team - they run 1.5 miles. Amy and Katie refused to allow me to post pictures of them running, but I'll try to sneak some in at a later meet.

The home school league began a girl's volleyball team this year which Amy and Katie are both playing on. Let's just say they need a little more practice (unfortunately they are playing against well established teams). But at least they had fun - well I should say Katie did. Amy being the MUCH more competitive one says fun is NOT the word she would use.

Georgia Tech had its first loss of this season against Virginia Tech. As there are people in Kim's extended family whom are prone to gloat about this we just repeat what the announcer said "Georgia Tech won in every category except the scoreboard". Yes that is where it counts but just remember "Pride goes before destruction Prov. 16:18" At least we have academics to fall back on.

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