Sunday, September 7, 2008

Vacation Part II

Thanks to my dad, we were able to go back down to the beach over Labor Day and the following Week. This time we were accompanied by friends as well as family. We had a great time.

It was amazing how much the ocean can change in a short time. When we were there early in the month it was smooth as glass. We were able to take the kayaks out on the ocean several times. This time it was so rough we didn't even get to go in a few days and there was no taking the kayaks on the ocean.

When we did go in the waves were great for riding. Elizabeth got a little help getting started:

A group did go kayaking in the marsh - they kayaked 7 miles. It was a little harder than some of them imagined. One said she was expecting to "meander" through the marsh looking at wildlife. It wasn't much of a meander with the high current and wind - it was hard paddling for the whole 4 hours! But some of them had fun!

It didn't work so well for Mr. A to have Peter in the front. Apparently what the group heard was "Peter paddle left, now right, now left, left, LEFT" Then he would splash Peter everytime Peter quit paddling (he told Peter it was a fish jumping between them). Anyway Peter switched out and took his own kayak for the last part of the trip.

The navigator (only because she and Katie were the only ones who had kayaked before): There were several complaints that Amy took off and left the others in the dust (or water so to speak). So by the time they caught up she took off again. So Amy got several breaks, but not so for the others.

My sister and I went kayaking on our own for a shorter time (as we both had babies to get back to). It was a nice time for both of us.

The kids enjoyed kite flying:

There was so much foam on the beach (very unusual) that it looked like snow. I guess it will be a homeschool assignment to learn what causes this.

We enjoyed several bike rides as a group (this one to the marsh):

Thanks dad!


Virginia Janet said...

Wow... a vacation trip with family & friends together, it means you have got amazing time.

The Lingo Clan said...

Wow, Katie! You DID get a good tan! Thanks for posting pictures, Mrs. E. I love the one of Amy & Katie.

Tricia Ann

ElderClan said...

Tricia Ann,
I like the one of Amy and Katie also. The sunset gave it that red tint which is a little weird, but it is a good picture of them. We miss you all!!

Janet - I don't really have amazing time - in fact feeling a little swamped now, but some things are important to make time for and this was one of them.