Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Scott!

19 years - Whew!! It's true that time goes by fast.

It was a growing year for Scott (and us) as he began making the transition to being on his own. He made some great friends at Tech, he did well in his studies at Tech, he plugged into RUF as a music leader, continued being a music leader at church, and he was stretched in some different ways this past summer at camp. We are enjoying the man he is becoming.

What to say about Scott. Well to "let others praise you and not your own mom" (my paraphrase of Prov. 27:2) these are words that various people he worked with a camp this past summer used to describe him: passionate - for his campers and for the Lord, loving, respectful, daredevil (hmm....), talented, humble, generous, encouraging, wild & adventurous (hmm...), great leader, treats everyone as important, joyful, kid at heart.

Happy Birthday Scott - we love you.

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