Saturday, January 19, 2008


We actually had snow twice this week - a rarity down here. It snowed lightly on Wed. night and then a little heavier today. There is something rather magical about snow - it sure is beautiful. The only downside was that Eric is out of town and was due back today, but since the South does not handle even a little snow well, the airport was closed and he could not return. However, I have to admit, as beautiful as it is, after dressing and undressing the children several times, dealing with hats, gloves, boots, wet clothes etc. and having so much water on my kitchen floor that I contemplated considering it mopped for the week, that I am very happy to live in the South. I know the snow will be gone tomorrow and will not return for some time - probably enough time so that we will appreciate it again when it comes back.

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The Lingo Clan said...

YAY! You finally started a blog!

Y'all sure did get a lot of snow! Nice pictures!

Tricia Ann