Thursday, December 2, 2010


Even though its been a week, I thought I would at least post on our Thanksgiving. Hopefully it will mend a little of my laxness in posting recently. Thanksgiving started at 6:30am as Amy and I headed down to run the Atlanta Half-Marathon. Amy has run this with my sister for the last two years and I decided to join them this year. Pre-race training went well except for the fact that at some point I injured my knee, but I decided to run anyway (maybe not the smartest decision). My knee began to ache at about mile 4 and then really hurt about mile 6. Since I wasn't even half-way yet I considered stopping, but I hated to quit the race so I continued. I did have to stop and walk a few times, but I finished (although because of the knee I did not get the time I wanted). I was limping pretty considerably after the race so my sister took me to the medical tent as she knew the doctor there. He told me what he thought was wrong and sent me to the table to get a massage. I thought "GREAT - a massage after running 13.1 miles!". Well let me tell you a sports therapy massage is nothing like Spa Sydell (not that I would know what Spa Sydell is like, but I envision it as being pleasant) - I thought I was going to die - I think the pain ranks right up there with childbirth. Anyway he thought my knee would be better by the middle of this week, which it is not. I am in fear of calling him again.

But on to better things. We had around 30 people for Thanksgiving and it was a great meal and great fellowship. I know we have the best Thanksgiving food ever (everyone chips in and brings something) and we certainly have great family and friends so all in all it was a wonderful day!

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