Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cross Country Season Begins

Cross Country season began today. My runners this year are Katie, Molly and Emily. I have to give a lot of credit to Katie. She has never liked running, yet has faithfully run on the team each year, even though those early years were tough as she ran in the shadow of her older sister who was always one of the top runners in the league. This year our team does not have any other varsity girls, so Katie is it. (For a team to place they must have at least 3 runners - 5 for guys) Running is such a mental sport and for her to train knowing that she is the lone runner is not much motivation for her. Add to that the fact that running is not her favorite thing and I just figured that she would quit this year. But she has been consistently training, made the decision to continue being a part of the team and I am proud of her for her perseverance.

Varsity Takes Off - Katie is in maroon

Molly and Emily run on the Junior team (Juniors run 1.5 miles). They had a terrific first race. They medaled for the first time (the first seven runners get medals) - Molly placed 5th and Emily placed 6th, and their team placed 2nd out of about 20 teams. Their coach had worked out season goals for each of them based on their times of last year - Emily beat hers by 30 sec and Molly came within 4 seconds of hers. So they will now get new season goals! They have been training more consistently this year and it has paid off.

Start of Junior Race

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