Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Traction Day 2

Katie spent the afternoon with Anna today. When she first arrived Anna wanted nothing to do with her (which is how she was with Eric and me yesterday), but by the end of the time Katie had Anna smiling and laughing - at least a little.

Things on the home front were a little rough today. Amy was scheduled to have her wisdom teeth removed. We had a nice early appointment. In my mind I thought we could go, be home by the time the kids were finishing breakfast, and I could make it to the hospital in the afternoon. But we were rear-ended on the highway in route to her appointment (I was driving Amy's car). We sat by the side of the highway for close to an hour waiting (the police officer was directed to an accident that occurred later than ours by mistake) and then we had all the paperwork to deal with. We are both fine physically for which we are thankful and her car is not damaged (the other one was). The oral surgeon worked us in later and so we went ahead with the surgery as Amy returns to school next week and this needed to be done before that. So our nice early appointment turned into an almost all day affair. Then later in the afternoon, I took Molly to ballet - in the van this time - and once home the van began spewing radiator fluid all over the driveway. So off that went to the shop. If I wasn't reading The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment I could have quite the pity party today, but the book is way too convicting for that. So on to tomorrow and what the Lord has in store for that day.

PS. Amy is doing well after the surgery - we had somewhat of a rough time this afternoon, but she is doing well now. Praying for a speedy recovery.....

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