Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happenings and Transition

We had a busy week last week. Scott, Amy and Katie were home from camp on a mid-summer break, so the house was bustling again with activity. I enjoyed having them all home - they have been greatly missed.

We started off the week celebrating the 4th of July. We were pleased to have two fireworks showings - one from a neighbor who spent a fortune on some really nice fireworks and had the 3 families in the cul-de-sac out to enjoy. Then the following evening we went to my parents and watched fireworks from their neighborhood club. Anna and Grace did NOT like the fireworks at all. Grace was clutched around my neck so tightly I could barely breath, but since her head was buried into my neck my face at least pointed upward so I could view the show.

Monday evening we had Scott's girlfriend Becca's parents over for dinner. They just returned from 25 years on the mission field in Africa - first in Kenya and then in South Africa. We had a lovely time with them and enjoyed learning about some of their work in Africa.

Scott was able to finally have an MRI this week. He has been having back trouble for some time now (from football). The MRI showed 2 herniated discs and an older stress fracture. There isn't much to be done, but at least he now knows what is wrong. Incidentally Becca has a stress fracture on her hip and is on crutches. They make quite the crippled couple at the moment.

Katie got her driver's license this week. Hmmm.......................................

I finally entered the world of Facebook. Katie set up an account for me. I am so behind the curve, but hopefully I'll figure it out.

Anna has been home two months now. I think overall things are going well. She seems to have all the routines down and is generally happy and good natured. The Lord has been growing us all through the process. I find that I that I can be harder on her than on the other children. I am used to their sinfulness and so somehow hers stands out more. My expectations are maybe too high in some areas and our transition would be smoother if I can just learn to lower those. Last week she began sighing and rolling her eyes when I asked her to do something. "How dare this child react like this" strummed through my head. But I didn't have to look far to see where she is learning these things from. She studies everything to try and fit it and well....she was fitting in. So opportunities for training are abounding - not just for her, but for all of us. God is gracious though and we are all learning.

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Signe said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. For some reason Stone Mtn. Georgia sounds very romantic, moreso than Moscow, Idaho.

Expectations with older adopted children is so difficult. I find myself being much more lenient with Jubilee than everyone else. I let her get out of chores, that she really should do. It is hard to know exactly what they need. They do pick up social cues very quickly, which is good, but can be bad too. Hang in there, these children are beautiful in so many ways. The good days are really good. God Bless You!