Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cross Country Championship

Unfortunately the cross country championships came in the middle of our bout with the swine flu. Peter had not recovered well enough to run, although he did go and cheer for his team. Katie had only begun to feel better the day before, but she ran anyway. It wasn't her best run, but under the circumstances she did really well. Molly and Emily (who hadn't succumbed yet) were both able to run. The previous rain, which turned the course into a mud pit, made it even more challenging.

This puddle (mini- lake) was in the middle of the trail:

Molly coming out of the muck - notice her legs:
Every championship race includes a parents race. My children talked me into it this year. I managed to come in 2nd for the women and even got a medal! I have to say that we are very proud of Katie this year. She transformed her attitude towards running this year and I think she may even like it a little now. Because of her attitude change and her training harder and more consistently she was able to improve her time 91% over last year. Way to go Katie!

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