Thursday, June 11, 2009

Camp Westminster

Scott and Amy are working this summer at Camp Westminster, a Christian camp operated by Westminster Presbyterian (PCA) in Atlanta. Scott worked last summer and is back this summer as Head of the Junior Boy Counselors. Amy is a wrangler so she will be at the barn all day - a very hot job! We have a lot of history with this camp as I grew up going there as a camper, then I worked there (also at the barn!) and I served on the camp board for many years. There are a lot of memories there for me and it is neat to see my children now working there. The older ones have all been there as campers as well. This past Saturday was Dedication Day so the camp was open for families to come and enjoy. We spent an enjoyable day there doing several activities.

We enjoyed horseback riding:

The climbing tower (with a zip line off of it) was a new addition several years ago.




Emily about to go off the zip line

This would be me! I climbed the wall several years back but never went off the zip line, so I decided to try that this year. It was a little more daunting than I anticipated and I REALLY liked hanging onto the pole and I did not want to turn around. It is somewhat scary just scooting off a platform. I tried to think of some way out, but that was not to be. The counselors are used to working with scared kids and they did a great job of talking me through it. One neat thing - the counselor talking me through it - her mother was my first camp counselor here when I was a camper!

So there I went!

We also enjoyed the pool, they served us dinner and then we had the dedication service. A couple of Scott and Amy's long time friends are also working there so their families were down and we were able to have some good fellowship also. I missed getting pictures of Scott and Amy working, so I'll try to get some later. We had a great day.

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