Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Dinner

Every year my dad has his "Company Christmas Dinner". Since everyone who works for him is in the family it turns out to be a nice dinner for all the adult family members. We have gone to the same restaurant for many years now and it is wonderful!! It was here that I learned to really appreciate steak - I never knew before how tender good steak really is. We went so close to my birthday that it doubled as my birthday dinner. It was great!

A good friend of mine volunteered to keep my 5 youngest. (Some of my older children were at a birthday party.) She even brought something for them to do. She is crafty and I am NOT! They worked on a centerpiece for the table and I think it turned out lovely. She brought apples and the kids cored them and also put holes around in them. They put a candle in the top hole and then various greenery in the holes around the apple. The juice from the apples keeps the greenery green. I think it is pretty creative and the kids had a great time.


Michael and Mandy said...

First of all - I am so encouraged that you aren't crafty. I want to be, but I definitely don't have the natural tendencies. It is nice to know children can be raised well even with a craft-deficient mother. Your dining room looks so cozy. We will be in the Sunday after Christmas until the 2nd. We will be with the Veerman's the 31-2, but aren't sure where we will be the first days - it was kind of a last minute change of plans to come in early. I know we will spend at least one night in Dahlonega with my aunt and uncle. Does any of that overlap with you?

ElderClan said...


We are back now so we can have you over whatever night works for you, except the 31st on which we will be attending the bowl game.