Monday, March 31, 2008

My New Nephew

We have a new nephew and cousin. My sister delivered her second child on Friday. His name is Donovan Scott and all is well with both of them. Of course this was the weekend of our dear friend's wedding and my sister's delivery was the day of the rehearsal. So Friday morning the older girls were at the church working on decorations and food. Then we headed to the hospital as my sister was laboring. We stayed all afternoon until it was time to leave to take the girls to the rehearsal. Of course by then it was Friday afternoon traffic - which in Atlanta is awful. So we crawled across town realizing we would be late for rehearsal. About 5 minutes from home my sister calls and says she is ready to push and can I make it back. So I dropped the girls off in the driveway, and headed straight back to the hospital. I made it back about 5 minutes before he was born!

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