Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Peter!

We're on a birthday roll here. Peter turned 11 today. Incidentally, Peter was the second most difficult child which I attribute solely to the fact that he was born too close to Amy's birthday! (see yesterday's post).

Peter has become our resident chicken farmer. He went into this duty rather unenthusiastically, but has grown to handle it very well and he evens enjoys the chickens (but most definitely not the guineas). I recently spoke to a real farmer about our chickens and their lack of eggs. She explained to me their cycles of laying and molting and told me that we should get rid of them as they were out of their prime laying season and we just wasting money feeding them. I think she realized in the course of our conversation that she was talking to someone who was most assuredly not a real farmer, as I think she thought it rather odd that we actually were keeping and feeding chickens that had ceased to lay. Eric and I then began discussing the best option to get rid of the chickens. Peter upon hearing this was most emphatic that we could not get rid of the chickens as they were his friends (he is apparently not headed down the road to being a real farmer either!). Miraculously a few days after this, the chickens started laying again! I have decided that either Peter has been down there coaxing them and has succeeded (which may mean he is destined to be a real farmer) or he has found someone to supply him with farm fresh eggs and he is planting them down there. But since we are getting eggs again, Peter gets his wish for now. We did tease him for his birthday that his gift was going to be some more chickens and he was actually ok with that.

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